The free reign Muslims have enjoyed for years of trampling on other people’s safety for their “religious rights” has come to a screeching halt. The world is waking up to the atrocities that aren’t going away, especially as long as we cater to Islam and make it easy for them. Now, one particular badass leader of a big city just slapped Muslims with a perfect new ban they never saw coming and aren’t too happy about.

Thanks to an influx of refugees, certain areas have been taken over by Islam which aims to dominate the population and change the culture. It’s part of their plan of control and imposition preached about in their holy book, the Quran. Many have been forced to endure this takeover by liberal leaders who make public enemies out of anyone who speaks out about the religion – until now.

A shift in the mindset toward Muslims began to happen once the world’s superpower elected a president who made didn’t apologize for the “religion of peace.” President Donald Trump has set a new precedence of not surrendering to Islam and now the same can be said about Xinjiang, China where they just showed Muslims who have overtaken this western region that the days of trying to make the Orient the Middle East are over.

The New York Times reported that China just imposed a new ban against certain Muslim names which have apparently become popular in Beijing but are dangerous and irresponsible. The report was one of concern that this is just another one of the country’s “hostile” policies that will cause problems, especially since the rule comes with a warning for those who don’t comply, and it couldn’t be more perfect, in our opinion.

“The Chinese government, further tightening its grip on Muslims in western China, has prohibited parents from choosing names like “Muhammad,” “Arafat” and “Jihad” for their children,” NYTimes reports. Other popular names that are now banned include, “Jihad, Imam, Mecca, Saddam and Hajj,” The Telegraph reported. The Times’ article further explained that “Some said in interviews that if residents did not comply, they risked forfeiting critical benefits for their children, including education and health care.”

Unlike like much of Europe that’s been overtaken by Islam and is facing some serious threats to Western life now because of it, China recognizes that if refugees want to take up residence in their country, they can abide by the country’s rules. Until now, the misguided idea that others have to succumb to anything Muslims demand has been the precedence, which has been grossly taken advantage of and is abusive.

Xinjiang is “home to more than 10 million Uighurs, a mostly Muslim minority group” New York Times explained. Where there are this many Muslims in one community, a hotbed of hate is sure to exist, which is what this area is currently seeing with a huge rise in Islamic extremism. This gives cause for the government to boldly take back control which they are doing with this latest ban in an effort to “curb religious fervor.” Other countries could certainly benefit in following China’s lead in this.

Activists are out in force over the issue, stating that the bigger fear is of the Islamic retaliation from this ban, and not the apparently Islamic supremacy currently plaguing Xinjiang.

Human rights activist in China, Sophie Richardson, wrote an email over the issue calling the ban “The latest absurd restriction that the Chinese government has imposed on people in Xinjiang.” The concern is that their rights are being trampled which will lead to more unrest among the Chinese and their Muslim residents who feel discriminated against.

It’s not the ban that will bring about more hate and extremism, it’s Islam and naming their child any jihadist moniker they please and setting the tone of extremism from the start..


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