As we all know, upon announcing his decision to stop making payments and thus eliminate cost-sharing subsidies, President Donald Trump was fired upon by the leftist liberal supporters of ObamaCare, who claimed that he had shut down the thing which made healthcare more affordable for people. As if the rantings by top leftist officials as well as leftist Social Media users who took over the Internet just so they can express their hatred weren’t enough, the POTUS has now faced lawsuits from 15 different states, including lawsuits from Washington, D.C.

Some of the more notable people who are suing the president are California’s Xavier Beccera, as well as New York’s Eric Schneiderman, both of which have been vocal critics of President Trump since the moment he took office.

A statement was released by Schneiderman late this Thursday night, in which he wrote, “I will not allow President Trump to once again use New York families as political pawns in his dangerous, partisan campaign to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act at any cost,” adding, how time and time again, the POTUS has made a threat to cut off “these subsidies to undermine our heathcare system and force Congress to the negotiating table. That’s unacceptable.”

Becerra didn’t let the POTUS’ decision slide off easily, which is why he too has released his fair share of criticism, calling the decision to end the payments “reckless” and “sabotage,” while also referring to the decision as an “essentially a $7-billion dollar tax increase for working families trying to hold onto their health insurance.”

“The legal challenge will say the subsidies are lawful, that the Trump administration action conflicts with federal law and that the president failed to follow proper procedure to change the subsidies that benefit 6 million people, including 700,000 Californians.”