Illegal immigrants aren’t the only ones taking advantage of hard-working Americans. The liberals who insist on taking our money to support illegals are hurting our whole nation, too.

President Trump has put Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Clark County, Cook County, Miami-Dade County, Milwaukee County, and the state of California on notice. If they refuse to cooperate with Federal Immigration Officers they will lose federal funding.

Each district was sent a letter by Assistant Attorney General Alan Hanson urging them to comply with federal law. If they refuse they will lose access to a Justice Department grant that totaled $256 million in 2015.

The loss of access to the grant is just the beginning if the cities refuse to cooperate.

The letter is the latest in President Trump’s promise to end the unsafe practice of sanctuary cities. Illegal immigrants flock to sanctuary cities where they can avoid punishment for their crimes.

A “sanctuary city” is any city or district that refuses to cooperate with federal agents in regards to illegal aliens. Police are required to notify Immigration and Custom Enforcement when an illegal immigrant is brought into custody.

More than 300 jurisdictions across the country restrict their police from cooperating with immigration officials, threatening the safety of their own residents.

When these criminals are let free, instead of being detained or even deported by ICE, tragedies occur. American lives have been lost and forever scarred. Liberal politicians at every level seem determined to shelter assailants and murderers. It’s disgusting.

The federal government should not be rewarding districts that refuse to work with federal law enforcement. Sanctuary cities cannot expect to use taxpayer money to break the law. I know I don’t want MY money funding their criminal behavior!

The warning letters have already had a positive effect and Miami-Dade County has vowed to reverse their decision to be a sanctuary city. Officials have informed the federal government of their change in status and hope to continue to receive federal funding.

Democrat politicians which have ascended to power in sanctuary cities rely on illegal immigrants to vote them into power. They resist the federal government out of fear of losing their voter base and revealing the true scale of illegal immigration in our country.

Are you sick of sanctuary cities being funded with YOUR tax dollars? Let America know!

Thankfully, we finally have a president and an attorney general who care about the law, who care about using our taxes wisely, and who aren’t afraid to stand up to the freeloaders and cowards.

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