Former member of Congress Corrine Brown of Florida has found herself in one last legal trouble due to financial issues. She was known for her quirky and odd behavior while in the House. Just last year she plead guilty in criminal court to twenty-two counts of federal charges related to her nonprofit charity. Her now-defunct organization was called One Door for Education.

The so-called purpose of the charity was to help poorer children receive a better education but prosecutors felt she was using the organization as her own personal bank account and abusing the privileges. An FBI agent known as Vanessa Stella testified last week that funds from the organization went to a joint bank account of the former congresswoman and her daughter Shantrel.

A total of $3,000 was put into that joint bank account. She also testified that money was withdrawn in Maryland from the non-profit organization and then deposited in a separate Bank of America into the joint bank account. Brown’s former Chief of Staff Ronnie Simmons would withdraw $800 a day which was the maximum amount.

That money would then be deposited into the joint bank account. The jurors got to see pictures of Simmons withdrawing the money from the non-profit and then depositing it into the joint bank account. Pretty indisputable evidence.

They also showed the bank account was accessed in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale, Florida at times when the Congresswoman was there. But Simmons wasn’t. Thus she was aware all along of what was going on. It wasn’t just her employees doing it when she was unaware. Simmons admitted on the stand to using the money for personal use.

The FBI agent also testified there was no evidence of any scholarships that were awarded or events attended by groups of children. Instead, the money was used for various other luxurious events such as $15,000 on sky box seats to a Jaguars game. As well as $13,582 on VIP seats at a Beyoncé concert. $89,852 was spent on both trips and hotels for Obama’s second inauguration. Finally, $55,000 was spent on a prime golf tournament at TPC Sawgrass that is located in Ponte Vedra Beach.

So much for Democrats being politicians of the people. That is more like taking advantage of the people who have faith and trust in you. Yet liberals denounce Republicans as those who sell out to the one percent. Without ever taking a look in the mirror to see they are no better if not worse then the people they point fingers at. Typical, hypocritical, two-faced, liberals. At least this liberal is going to jail. She deserves it and so do the people she defrauded in her district. Good riddance to bad luggage as they say.

Brown’s attorney said the following to jurors during the trial,

“There are two questions that will guide you throughout the trial: Who is Ronnie Simmons? And can you trust him? Sadly, there was one person who believed she could trust him and knew exactly who he was. She was wrong on both questions, and that’s the reason she sits here today being charged with these crimes.”

U.S. Attorney A. Tysen Duva argued,

When you dig further, you realize this is a way of life for her. She simply spent more than she took in. She became accustomed to this money. You wish {One Door for Education] was the end of the story; that was all that could be said. But sadly, it’s not. That’s far from it. There’s another side: corruption, greed and a significant entitlement attitude.”

The prosecutor’s argument was that the Congresswoman got accustomed to a lavish lifestyle she could no longer afford, and thus she sought illegal ways to continue funding it. Brown is facing over three hundred years in prison and a $4.8 million fine.

The House Ethics Committee questioned her back in the 1990’s about a $10,000 donation she received from a church. So this isn’t the first time she has found herself in trouble due to her unethical actions. This just seems to be a way of life for her. Despite taking in $800,000 none of that money went to poor children in need who were the original beneficiaries it was meant to help.

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