A male-to-female transgender athlete has been barred from competing in the Australian Football League Women’s division based on concerns that “she” would be too strong.

According to Australia’s News.com, Hannah Mouncey — born Cullen Mouncey — had originally been on Australia’s men’s handball team, playing a sport something like a cross between basketball and soccer.

When he was in his 20s, Mouncey decided he wanted to live as a woman, according to News.com. Now 28, the newly “female” Mouncey wants to enter the draft for Australian rules football’s women’s division. Australian rules football, for the uninitiated, is something like a cross between rugby and a subconscious wish to acquire serious brain injury.

However, the AFLW announced earlier this month Mouncey would not be able to play in the league’s 2018 season. It cited the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act, which states that gender can be considered an issue “if strength, stamina or physique is relevant.”

And while Mouncey admits that strength, stamina and physique are all totally relevant in this case, Mouncey still thinks the AFLW made the wrong decision.

“Of course I’m going to have a size advantage over some of the girls,” Mouncey said in an interview with Australia’s Channel Nine.

“But I feel the game prides itself on being able to be played by anyone — whether it be little rovers, or your ruckman, or your full forward and forward pocket … I obviously don’t agree with what the AFL has done. There’s a dozen girls of my height. I was the tallest within a couple of centimeters.”

Just to translate: rovers are players who follow the ball all around the field, ruckmen are kind of like centers in basketball, contesting the equivalent of jump balls; full forwards and forward pockets are players whose role it is to kick goals, and centimeters are the unit of measurement they use in place of inches in countries less awesome than America.

Mouncey’s coach at Canberra’s Ainslie Football Club, Chris Rourke said he initially had hesitations over Mouncey’s size — a whopping 6’2″.

“But once you saw her play — there was no hesitation,” Rourke said.

Rouncey’s initial hesitations probably had something to do with the fact that, as he told News.com, Mouncey’s skill at the sport was “average.”

However, in a sport where vicious, physical contact is a regular part of the game, an “average” player with the body structure of a man in a women’s match is an exceptionally dangerous thing.

Look at the scenes in this video and imagine it’s a man hitting women:

The game may pride “itself on being able to be played by anyone.” The problem is when one’s physical size and inherent strength — acquired through not being born of the distaff gender — puts one in the position of removing the ability of another to play the game through the process of grievous injury.

Mouncey, who has not surgically transitioned, says a psychologist was the impetus for the move to start living like a woman.

“I didn’t realize until I was a lot older,” Mouncey said. “I was seeing a psychologist for different things and that’s how it sort of came out … It’s not a decision, it’s just not.”

There are also no plans for Mouncey to surgically transition, either.

“I take four pills a day,” Mouncey said. “Oestrogen and an anti-androgen. That’s pretty much it.

“I am transitioned. Some people will get cosmetic surgery, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars reshape their jaw or their voice box and have surgery and all sorts of stuff. I’m definitely not going down that path.”

Mouncey will still be able to play amateur Australian rules football in Canberra in 2018 and could be eligible to play in the AFLW after a draft reassessment for the 2019 season.

Now, I am not a medical professional and thus lack the trained ability to tell whether four pills a day makes anyone a woman, although I would hope our more astute readers would note my tone as very, very skeptical. That said, plenty of Australian leftists do not share my dubiety, because there were the predictable round of protests outside the offices of the AFL after the decision was made.

Whatever. Let’s first start with the fact that Mouncey’s physical structure proves men will have a de facto advantage over women in sports in almost every single instance, no matter what state of transitioning they may be in.

For liberals to deny it is irritating enough when it’s merely the spirit of competition being ruined in the name of political correctness.

In a contact sport — and Australian rules football is a contact sport like few others — that denial becomes physically dangerous. The AFLW has a responsibility to its players to keep them safe.

They made the right decision. We hope more leagues and sanctioning bodies follow their lead.

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What are your thoughts on transgender athletes?