Several days ago, President Trump received an urgent warning that Kim Jong un was in the “final stages” of preparing a nuclear strike on the United States. As many have scoffed in recent weeks about the military capability of North Korea, the White House began looking at satellite imagery, which revealed an increased level of activity at the country’s nuclear sites, prompting the president to take immediate action in the wake of Kim Jong un’s continued threats with his intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) pointed at the Untied States.

On Monday, President Trump held a “doomsday” emergency meeting with 100 Senators, where he publicly stated that we can no longer ignore the threat that North Korea poses to the rest of the world. Now it appears as though the United States might be closer than ever to declaring war on North Korea, after breaking reports reveal the latest arsenal that President Trump has just deployed to the Korean peninsula overnight. In a massive power move to Kim Jong un to back the hell off, we have now parked a badass nuclear-powered submarine right in his back yard.

President Trump spoke of his recent decisions, telling ambassadors at a White House gathering:

“The council must be prepared to impose additional and stronger sanctions on North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile programs. This is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not. North Korea is a big world problem and it’s a problem that we have to finally solve.

In the event that the chubby dictator decides to cash in on his threats, the USS Michigan could launch missiles that would completely decimate his forces. While some people are calling the port call “routine,” officials quietly told CNN that the timing is not a coincidence, as it’s more important than ever for the Untied States to scare our enemies back into submission before they get too cute. Conservative Tribune has more:

As tensions on the Korean peninsula have increased over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile tests, the United States recently made a massive power move by sending a nuclear-powered submarine into the region.

The USS Michigan, which was built to carry and launch ballistic and Tomahawk cruise missiles, pulled into the South Korean port of Busan early Tuesday morning for what was officially called a routine hull check, according to CNN.

lt to carry and launch ballistic and Tomahawk cruise missiles, pulled into the South Korean port of Busan early Tuesday morning for what was officially called a routine hull check, according to CNN.

Unofficially, however, the submarine’s presence has been hailed a show of force meant to send a strong message to Pyongyang on the same day North Korea celebrated the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Army.

U.S. Naval Forces in Korea publicly said the port call was “routine,” but officials quietly told CNN that the timing was not a coincidence, as an aircraft carrier strike group also made its way into the region on April 24.

The carrier group was in the Philippine Sea in waters south of Japan, conducting joint exercises with Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force, according to The U.K. Telegraph.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s navy has been conducting exercises with U.S. destroyers in waters west of the Korean peninsula, and they planned to soon join the carrier strike group approaching the region.

President Donald Trump described the force as an “armada” in early April when speaking with Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo about the situation with North Korea.

The USS Michigan was originally designed to carry and launch nukes, but in recent years changes were made so it can additionally carry up to 154 Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles. These converted submarines can also carry and deploy up to 66 special operations personnel.

The president commented on his decision saying, “We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines. Very powerful. Far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. That I can tell you.”

The world will quickly learn that America isn’t screwing around. Long gone are the days of America being run by a treasonous pansy, and we are fully prepared to defend our borders with our badass new president at the helm.


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