The Chris Matthews of MSNBC is very confused about why a Republican would go after a opponent that is Democratic, even though he belongs after opponents all of the time. In the ways. According to Matthews Republicans ‘pick on’ Nancy Pelosi is since she is ‘ethnic.’

“Deciding someone from one of the coasts, usually cultural, and making them the poster individual of the Democratic Party is old company for the Republicans. They did it back to a guy from the Bronx back in the 40s,” said Matthews. Very specific.

“They did it with Bella Abzug in the west side of new york. They did it. They did it. They’re doing it.

“What about this cultural politics? Alright, Nancy Pelosi is — seems well-off. You know, she seems like someone who comes from well — conditions that are fairly good, but is that? Do they go after Pelosi? Why do they go after every one of these people?” asked Matthews.