Angelo Mitchell, 36, has been charged with child cruelty after being accused of abandoning his 19-month old toddler during Hurricane Irma. The child was last seen with him, and was later found outside alone and full of bug bites after the storm was over.

According to WCTV, the incident occurred in Jasper, Florida, when Mitchell reportedly left the house with his daughter about 11 p.m. Sunday.

When Mitchell returned, his daughter was no longer with him, and the girl’s mother questioned Mitchell on their daughter’s whereabouts.

“He told the toddler’s mother he’d left her at the house and never had her, according to the arrest report,” the outlet noted. However, the reports did say that Mitchell smelled of alcohol.

Officers searched the area using tracking dogs but were not able to locate the little girl because her scent had been washed away with the wind and rain of Hurricane Irma. When police questioned Mitchell, he admitted to having drinks and taking drugs while his daughter was in his care but insisted the girl was safe, Oxygen reported.

The girl was not found until a neighborhood boy ran across her the next morning in a yard about 450 feet from her home. Witnesses noted that the little girl was covered in scratches and bug bites and her skin was purple from enduring the harsh conditions.

The toddler was flown to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, and was released on Tuesday in good health. Which is very fortunate indeed.

Mitchell, a former felon, was arrested and placed in Hamilton County Jail where he will remain until being brought before a judge.

This is exactly why some people should have their parental rights taken away. This father’s actions are completely inexcusable and truly disgusting. We hope he gets every bit of justice he deserves.

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