Almost like clockwork after virtually every mass shooting, some Democrats and liberals will seek to cast blame for the atrocity on the National Rifle Association, as if the organization itself helped pull the trigger to murder innocent people.

Following through on that smear of America’s oldest civil rights organization — dedicated to protecting the natural right to keep and bear arms for law-abiding citizens, to defend against government tyranny and violent criminals — many on the anti-gun side will deliberately conflate NRA membership with perpetrators of mass shootings.

As Independent Journal Review noted, some on the left even go so far as to accuse NRA members of being “murderous” or part of a “terrorist group” that actively encourages and even supports acts of depravity such as mass murder with a firearm.

However, despite the persistence of that smear, there has yet to be put forth any sort of evidence proving that NRA members commit mass shootings … not even one.

For the record, though there isn’t a set definition of what exactly constitutes a “mass shooting,” it is generally understood to include one or more shooters killing four or more individuals at random in a single event.

That doesn’t include gang-related shootings, shootings that stemmed from the commission of a separate crime, such as armed robbery, or shootings involving family members or close acquaintances as targets, such as a domestic violence situation.

To be sure, many have explicitly looked for such evidence and come up lacking, and there have been wide-ranging discussions with various theories and assertions on the matter, as evidenced by Quora.

But again, no known NRA member has ever been a perpetrator of a mass shooting. None.

Even The Washington Post — not exactly a friendly forum when it comes to gun rights — has failed to put forward any evidence that an NRA member ever committed a mass shooting.

Indeed, the newspaper has compiled a wealth of information regarding mass shootings, dating back some 50 years, including the death toll of each shooting, type of weapons involved, and what is known of the shooters themselves.

Not a single one of the 135 shooters listed was identified as a member of the NRA.

If any of them were, you can bet the WaPo would plaster that information in the headline and opening paragraph, as well as sprinkled liberally throughout the rest of the article.

Were a known NRA member to commit a mass shooting, the rest of the liberal media would make certain that every single person in America knew everything there was to know about that individual.

Yet, that hasn’t happened, because no NRA members have committed a mass shooting.

Nevertheless, the left can be expected to continue trotting out this baseless allegation after the next shooting, and the one after that, and so on. Facts don’t matter, and they have an agenda to push.

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