In their most recent presidential election, France had the choice between voting for a liberal candidate and a hard-right candidate, and they ended up voting for the liberal named Emmanuel Macron.

Macron entered office with liberal ideals regarding how he was going to govern the country which is undergoing seismic shifts in its demographics and culture, owing to the influx of people from the Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan African and elsewhere.

However, it clearly seems as though President Macron has finally accepted the fact that he cannot embrace these outsiders with open, loving arms like he probably thought he could with the open borders policy he campaigned with. In a surprising turn of events, left-wing Macron was filmed telling a refugee from Morocco that she should return to her own country.

Described the Daily Caller about the president’s altercation with this young Moroccan woman, “The woman said her parents lived in France and that she wanted to remain in the country, despite being out of status. Macron disregarded the woman’s argument and asked her to leave France.”

Said President Macron to the angry refugee, translated from French, “If you are not in danger, you should go back to your country. You are not in danger in Morocco.” When the refugee demanded to be able to stay in France, even though she did not have a valid visa, Macron shot back, “I cannot give French papers to everyone who doesn’t have them. How would I deal with the people who are already here and can’t find a job?” Are you glad “liberal” Macron is actually seeing the light about his country’s big problem? Watch below: