Despite the given freedom, the Muslims in America are trying to take every advantage possible.

Now, they are even making demands that would put them at a higher level than any American citizen.

Around 200 Muslims from Colorado joined in a protest.

They were workers at a meat-packing plant and they decided to protest by stopping with their work. They made an absurd request to have an extra break for their prayer. Bravely, the company denied fulfilling their wish an gave them one answer, “you’re all fired.”

Trying to make a compromise, the company’s officials asked them to return and work but most of them denied. This resulted in 190 Muslims to lose their jobs. They were advised to fulfill their prayers during their breaks just as every employee. The break is their free time and they can do whatever they like. It would be different if the authorities stopped them from praying during their breaks.

However, they wanted more. The company tried again to calm them down by creating a room of reflection to be used for praying. However, they wanted special perks and demands which are very different than what an ordinary employee has.

In the past, the authorities allowed them to pray during the shifts but that harmed the whole production capacity. There is no time for prayers because the plant is an assembly line which can’t be stopped.

Despite the fact that the employees have a union, the Muslims decided to protest and make their demands through the Council of Islamic Relations. The worst part is that they didn’t even notice the authorities and just walked out of the line which harmed the whole production. This means that the company was forced to fire them.

As expected, the Muslims who got fired are asking their jobs back while the Islamic council tries to win over the situation and fulfill the demands. Of course, the company refused to hire them back because they can get less demanding employees who can do the job without any problems.

It seems that the liberals gave too much power to the Muslim immigrants who are brave enough to ask for anything, no matter how absurd it is.

The company had every right to deny their demands. Even though they had a job while many other Americans are unemployed, the Muslims decided to take advantage once again. It seems like there is no end to this nonsense.

Hopefully, Trump can turn up with a policy that would change all of this before it gets worse. Regarding the immigration issues, we have already seen improvement because of him.

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