Scott Adams is a trained hypnotherapist and creator of the comic strip “Dilbert”, and his predictions about Trump have been spot on ever since November of 2015.

Adams was one of the first people in the public sphere to predict that Trump would soundly beat Crooked Hillary even though everyone around him was laughing at him.

Now, Scott Adams is arguing that Trump has the “highest” approval rating of all time despite what the “national polls” tell you. How is this possible? Well, Adams doesn’t give any credence to those polls. He is solely focused on the SMALL BUSINESS OPTIMISM INDEX.

Read a few snippets from his blog below to see why he says THIS index is far more important than any telephone survey.

Via Scott Adams’ Blog:

The Small Business Optimism Index hit an all-time high. That’s the new Presidential Approval Poll.

I contend that business optimism — and small business optimism in particular — are the new standard for presidential approval because “economics” captures most of what a president influences.

If a president starts a war, or threatens to start one, the economy flinches.

If a president starts a trade war, or threatens one, the economy flinches.

If a president is tearing apart the fabric of civilization in one way or another, the economy collapses.

If a big terror attack succeeds on the homeland, the economy flinches.

If immigration is allowed in large numbers, the economy feels it.

I could go on. The point is that all of the “big” issues directly influence the economy via their impact on our psychology and our resources. In a free, capitalist country, “the economy” captures all the goodness and badness of a presidency without really trying. And the measure that best reflects the future of the economy, in my opinion, is small business optimism.

Big businesses can do fine with a president who promotes policies that favor big corporations, even if the rest of the country is suffering. But when small business owners are feeling good about the economy, that means the president is doing a more bottoms-up job of getting things right. President Trump has focused on bottoms-up economics from the start, meaning jobs and lessened regulations. Apparently that is working.

I have been telling you for two years straight that psychology drives the economy, and that a Master Persuader such as President Trump can directly influence psychology and optimism. We see him doing that right before our eyes.

Do you agree with Scott Adams on this topic? Do you think that the Small Business Optimism index is the most important measure of how our economy is looking? Comment below…