Singer Tina Turner Says:You Trump Haters Are Ungrateful And Traitors, Because Of Donald Trump Remembered As One Of The Greatest Presidents In Our Lifetime And You Don’t Respect His Work. Do You Support Her?

Reports that Tina Turner said she was thankful for President Donald Trump, “the first time in 8 years” that she is grateful for a president, are false. Rumors that the Grammy Award-winning singer expressed her support for Trump during Thanksgiving stemmed from a number of disreputable news websites.

According to PolitiFact, the fake claim was published on several disreputable/fake news websites, including Daily News for Americans, New Conservatives News, Trump Movements and USConservativeVoice. The articles, which simply reiterated the headline, claimed that Turner said she was thankful for Trump, the first time in eight years that she was able to make that statement. The short report, which also included a video of an interview Turner did on “The Jonathan Ross Show,” purported:

“This Thanksgiving Is The First Time in 8 Years That I am Thankful For Our President, God Bless Him And His Supporters.” Do You Support To Tina ?


The quote, however, is entirely fabricated. Turner never said that she was grateful for a president for “the first time in 8 years,” a criticism against former President Barack Obama—the false quote/claim stemmed from fake news sites.


While Turner did, in fact, make an appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show” last month, she did not discuss Trump. Rather, Turner opened up to the British talk show host about her escape from her abusive ex-husband Ike Turner, her musical career and retirement. And while Turner, who has lived in Switzerland for years, did formally “relinquish” her U.S. citizenship, the singer did so in 2013—long before Trump became president.