Over the past few months since taking over office, the liberal media has sparked up controversy over President Donald Trump’s signature Twitter posts, where he goes to address and announce minor updates but still keeps the people informed without releasing formal statements every day. And despite being put under fire from the left numerous times, he hasn’t stopped doing so, and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon knows exactly why the POTUS hasn’t done so, and never will:

According to Bannon who recently went on “60 Minutes” for an interview, the reason why the commander-in-chief has been so active with his Twitter despite the liberal outrage over his posts is because he knows he is directly talking and referring to the people who elected him and helped him get into office.

And as soon as this cut out of the interview surfaced on Social Media, conservative Trump supporters immediately stormed the comment sections with replies supporting Bannon’s claims and agreeing with him. Some of them also expressed how they wish President Trump keeps on tweeting and updating them on certain matters from his own perspective, since they have lost their trust in the mainstream media, that has slowly been losing its credibility among liberals as well.

Since the mainstream media won’t show this, it is up to us, the patriots to spread the word and show Bannon and President Trump our support!