For the past several months, the left has been salivating over their make-believe Russian collusion story. They were SO convinced that the Russians were the reason that Hillary Clinton lost the election last November. They just could not believe that the American people would reject their corrupt policies so openly. So, instead of them sucking it up and behaving like adults these leftist fools threw a HUGE temper tantrum.

This temper tantrum has been going on for six long months, but finally, we may have a reprieve. You see, about a month ago, James Comey was fired from his position as the FBI director. Then liberal hacks at CNN and the rest of the alphabet channels turned into giddy schoolgirls thinking that they FINALLY had the smoking gun. That since Comey was fired they would be able to impeach President Trump for corruption. Oh, how wrong they were.

Today, James Comey was called to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee and what he destroyed the liberal narrative.

Comey revealed that many things during his testimony but there were a few that stood out to me today. One tidbit of information Comey shared certainly ticked me off and I am sure you all too. Comey admitted that he asked a friend to leak to a memo he kept regarding his conversation with President Trump to the press.

Here is more from Daily Caller on the leaks:

Former FBI Director James Comey admitted Thursday that he leaked information to the press about President Trump, despite saying “leaks are always bad” during his last public testimony in May.

On May 3, Comey told Republican Iowa, Senator Chuck Grassley, that White House leaks were becoming a significant problem.

“You testified before the House Intelligence Committee that a lot of classified matters have ended up in the media recently…is there an investigation of any leaks of classified information relating to Mr. Trump or his associates?” Grassley asked.

“I don’t want to — I don’t want to answer that question, Senator, for reasons I think you know. There have been a variety of leaks — well, leaks are always a problem, but especially in the last three to six months,” Comey responded.

Also, this lying sack of donkey excrement revealed that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempted to reframe the Hillary Clinton investigation. During the testimony, Comey admitted that former AG Lynch told him to immediately stop calling the Hillary probe as an “investigation” or a “probe” and, instead, refer to it as a much more gentle “matter”.

According to Daily Caller:

Loretta Lynch, the former attorney general under Barack Obama, pressured former FBI Director James Comey to downplay the Clinton email server investigation and only refer to it as a “matter,” Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

Comey said that when he asked Lynch if she was going to authorize him to confirm the existence of the Clinton email investigation, her answer was, “Yes, but don’t call it that. Call it a matter.” When Comey asked why, he said, Lynch wouldn’t give him an explanation. “Just call it a matter,” she said.

Comey added later that he was concerned about that direction as it was false. He was further concerned because it aligned with the Clinton campaign’s spin on the investigation.

Lynch’s order, Comey said, “concerned me because that language tracked the way the campaign was talking about the FBI’s work and that’s concerning.”

Well, after Comey’s testimony wrapped President Trump had a few words to say and they were EPIC.

President Trump victoriously said, “The failed bitter voices in Washington will do everything in their power to stop us from this righteous cause.”

President Trump also went on to blast the Deep State saying, “They will lie. They will obstruct. They will spread their hatred and their prejudice, but we will not back down from doing what is right, We are going to fight and win and have an unbelievable future-and it’s going to be together!”

Watch more here.

I do not know about you but I am absolutely ecstatic about what happened today.

The left was dealt a HUGE blow and it will be difficult to come back from this smackdown. All I know is that Comey proved what we have all known to be the truth. There was NO Russian collusion and the Clinton’s are horribly corrupt. I am praying now that James Comey will testify against the Clinton’s in order to bring down their mafia style politics.

While I am aware that we have not won the war this was a huge win, and I am not tired of winning yet, are you?