“It doesn’t sound very American to me.”

Tucker Carlson and Don Jr. spent his visit on the show digging into the bombshell memo recently released by Republicans. This memo showed just how twisted the path to spying on the Trump campaign really was. Don Jr. quickly called out the obvious truth.

“The reality of the situation is that we’ve had an investigation going on for over two years where there is zero evidence,” He stated.

“We haven’t seen any investigations into all of the shade, all of the stuff that has gone on with our opponent that were actual, real things that had happened, that she was involved in, that transpired. There’s not even an investigation.”

“But you can take a fringe person on a campaign, utilize that to get all of these FISA warrants to spy on someone who’d ultimately become the President of the United States. To continue to do so, based on evidence, paid for by their political opponent, given and weaponized by the sitting administration at the time. I mean, what about this doesn’t reek of a banana republic, Tucker?”

“It doesn’t sound very American to me.” Tucker responded

Check out the interview below

Don Jr. has been very forward about the memo on social media.