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BREAKING: Fully-Vaccinated LeBron James Tests Positive For COVID-19

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According to TMZ, NBA Superstar LeBron James has tested positive for COVID-19 and will now be missing several games as a result. James joins a long list of celebrities and public figures to experience breakthrough infections of the virus, despite being vaccinated.

TMZ reports:

TMZ Sports has learned LeBron James tested positive for COVID-19 this afternoon using a lateral flow test. James was given a follow-up PCR test to confirm the diagnosis. However, that test came back negative. LeBron was then given a third tie-breaker test which came back positive.

We’re told the team has chartered a private jet so Bron can fly back to Los Angeles in a safe manner.

We’re also told James is currently asymptomatic. LeBron is fully vaccinated.[James] will miss tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings, the league announced Tuesday.The news comes just hours before the Lakers are set to go up against the Kings.It’s unclear if 36-year-old James is COVID-19 positive, if he was a close contact or had a false positive.Per the league’s rules, if James is positive, he will be away from the team either for the next 10 days or until he submits at least two negative PCR tests before returning.

First off, if you have to take the test three times, maybe you need a new test. Just saying.

James as always been one of the most vocal players in the NBA on a variety of social issues. You can’t blame him, as he’s arguably one of the best to ever step on the court.

Personally, I’m a Jordan guy but that’s neither here nor there.

Bron-Bron has a habit of speaking out on topics that he either 1) doesn’t know much about or 2) is possibly being coached on his “insight”.

Like many athletes it seems as of late, LeBron has learned that it’s best to stay in line when it comes to China.

The NBA has a large partnership with the communist nation and billions of dollars at stake. China can pull the rug on all of that at any time. They have proven that before and Commissioner Adam Silver has a bad reputation for bowing to their influence.

Remember this BIZARRE apology video from John Cena?

If you can believe it, China is such a revenue generating cash cow that Vince McMahon purposefully had Cena learn Mandarin in order to launch an all out, no holds barred (pun intended) campaign to bag Chinese viewers.

It’s exactly why Cena had to apologize looking like he just rolled out of bed.

But say what you will, I do hope LeBron is okay. He’s a guy that’s really good at basketball that is being used like a poker chip by the political elite and the culturally immoral (pretty much one in the same).

Although his stance on other social issues have traditionally been wildly leftist, his views on the vaccine overall have been relatively sane.

Other NBA stars like Kyrie Irving have voiced their opinion as well.

There is something to be said about the African-American community’s concerns over medical mandates.

The Tuskegee Experiments are a disgusting stain on our government, as was (is) MKUltra; both of which preyed on helpless black people.

Notice how I said stain on “our government” because that’s who is responsible, not any of We, the People.

Government is always responsible when it comes to questionable moral behavior being leveraged on the working class by a small group of elite.

So, long story short:

LeBron will still cash his check and be asymptomatic because none of this matters because the virus is a joke.


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