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Chaffetz: ‘Direct Evidence’ Joe Biden Was Privy To Hunter’s Business Deals; House GOP Seeks Documents

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House Republicans are investigating Joe Biden amid bombshell revelations suggesting the career politician not only knew that his son Hunter was influence-peddling by brazenly selling access to his dad but directly profited from the shady deals.

Former Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah — a fellow with the Government Accountability Institute — said there’s damning evidence indicating Biden was well aware of Hunter’s suspicious foreign business dealings during his 50-year political career.

The GAI is a Florida-based nonprofit think-tank that investigates government corruption.

“There is direct evidence that Joe Biden himself — Joe and Jill Biden — took direct benefit by using assets and things that were purchased based on the transactions that Hunter Biden was involved in and engaged with these foreign entities,” Chaffetz told Fox News host Sean Hannity in July.

Chaffetz cited damning research by investigative journalist Peter Schweizer, who reportedly uncovered incriminating materials on a laptop Hunter had abandoned at a Delaware computer-repair shop in April 2019.

The Delaware computer was one of three laptops that Hunter either abandoned, lost, or had stolen from him.

The laptops reportedly contain sensitive, confidential information, including lurid videos and photos of Hunter’s drug escapades and sex tapes that could be used to blackmail his father.

According to multiple press reports, the computers’ hard drives also contain numerous emails detailing Hunter’s lucrative influence-peddling scheme involving wealthy foreign politicians.

Schweizer, the president of the Government Accountability Institute, is the author of the book “Clinton Cash.”

The 2016 bestseller pieced together the damning money trail linking Bill and Hillary Clinton’s apparent exploitation of their government positions to become multi-millionaires.

“I do work with Peter, and what he’s done is he’s cross-referenced some of the data from Hunter Biden’s laptop with the Secret Service records released by [Wisconsin Sen. Ron] Johnson and another business associate of Hunter Biden,” Chaffetz told Hannity.

“They are very careful about what they’re looking at here.”

Chaffetz rattled off some of Hunter’s suspicious “business” dealings, which helped him score millions of dollars from sketchy foreign politicians.

“[Hunter] has taken money from the former mayor of Moscow’s wife to the tune of millions of dollars,” Chaffetz said.

“He has flown on Air Force Two with one of his business associates. How does a business associate of Hunter Biden’s fly on Air Force Two to go to Mexico City to set up a deal?”

Chaffetz pointed out: “He has also flown on Air Force Two to China and then he has these Ukraine monies flowing in by the tens of billions of dollars.”

On July 14, House Republicans wrote a scathing letter to the White House Counsel and the National Archives and Records Administration demanding all communications related to the “Biden family’s efforts to profit from proximity to the White House.”

Rep. James Comer, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, said Republicans want to investigate the full scope of Hunter’s schemes and the extent to which Joe Biden, his sister Valerie, and his brothers, James and Frank Biden, may have profited from Hunter’s fishy transactions.

“Reports regarding President Biden’s family members attempting to profit from their proximity to the White House have been disturbing and recurring,” the House Republicans said in their letter.

“Unfortunately, these reports of President Biden using his former official positions of public trust to swell the coffers of his family members are widespread, and any hope the pattern of family self-dealing would finally stop when he assumed the presidency has been dashed.”

The letter added that the Biden family’s activities “during the Obama-Biden Administration are similarly concerning and reveal a potential pattern of using the White House for profit.”

The letter pointed out that:

  • In 2011, Frank Biden “used the Biden name and connection to then-Vice President Biden to his advantage.”
  • In 2013, Hunter “flew on Air Force 2 with then-Vice President Biden to China as he worked on forming a Chinese private equity fund.”
  • In 2016, then-Vice President Biden flew Hunter “and his business associate on Air Force 2 to Mexico where Hunter and his associate conducted business.”

Predictably, there has been little mainstream media coverage of this mushrooming scandal that threatens to engulf the White House.

“This is one of the biggest political scandals that we have ever seen and it’s being covered up by the media,” Chaffetz said.

However, as Biden’s inept leadership erodes support even from Democrats, it’s likely we’ll be hearing more about his numerous debacles in the coming months.

In other words, ask not for whom the bell tolls, Biden. It tolls for thee.