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Crowd In Deep Blue State Chants F**k Joe Biden In Bad Sign For Dems

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In a terrible sign for the Dems as a national party, the virally spreading f*ck Joe Biden chant was heard at a sporting event in a deep blue state.

Biden beat Trump in Boston getting 80 percent of the vote in Suffolk County, where Boston is, and 65 percent of the votes in the state of Massachusetts.

But last night Boston Red Sox fans let Biden have it yelling out the chant during the ALCS postgame show outside of Fenway Park. Biden has even been greeted by protesters with this chant. Look, the more it picks up steam, even if people say it as a joke, the worse it is for the Dems.

And remember, this isn’t some college football game in a red state or a NASCAR race, this is in Boston.

From Fox News:

The reporter acknowledged the chants and claimed the fans were shouting, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

NASCAR initially posted video of the interview with the chant but later deleted the tweet. 

Fox News reached out to NASCAR to ask why the post was taken down but did not immediately receive a response.

Chants of “F— Joe Biden” rained down from the crowd at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway after Brandon Brown captured his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race victory.

The anti-Biden chants came during Brown’s post-race interview. After Brown told a reporter his victory was a “dream come true,” the crowd began to loudly shout in unison their displeasure with the president.

From The Miami Herald:

Rapper Loza Alexander capitalized on the popular saying, and his recent song is taking over the iTunes charts.

…His song, titled “Lets Go Brandon.” As of Monday morning, the song was No. 2 on the iTunes Top Songs list and No. 1 on its Top Hip-Hop/Rap Songs list.


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