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Democrat Mayor Pleads Guilty To Campaign Finance Crime, Avoids Prison Time

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Things have gotten worse for an embattled New York mayor who had her home raided this year as part of a drug investigation.

Democratic Rochester, New York, Mayor Lovely Warren has agreed to a plea deal, which will allow her to bypass a trial on several charges.

The plea deal will also give Warren the chance to escape any potential prison time for her crimes.

Warren pleaded guilty to an election law crime and got one misdemeanor charge, admitting that she “knowingly and willfully contributed, accepted campaign donations in an amount more than the maximum amount specified,” according to WHEC 10 NBC News reported.

As part of her plea deal, Warren must resign from office by December 1.

Had she taken her case to trial and been found guilty, Warren could have faced anywhere between 1-3 years in prison.

“Mayor Lovely Warren pleads guilty to an election law misdemeanor and in exchange, she agrees to resign as mayor no later than Dec 1, 2021. The plea also satisfies the gun and endangerment charge stemming from the raid on the mayor’s home in May,” investigative reporter Berkeley Brean posted Monday from the court.

“Here is the negotiated plea: plead guilty to an election law violation and in turn Mayor Lovely Warren resigns effective Dec. 1, 2021. The deal also satisfies the gun and child endangerment charges against the mayor,” Brean reported.

Back in July, Warren and her husband Timothy Granison were charged with criminal possession of a firearm, two counts of failure to secure firearms in a home, and two counts of Endangering the welfare of a child, Fox News reported.

The May 19 search of the home by the state police was related to Granison, 42, who also faces federal charges related to an alleged drug trafficking conspiracy. Authorities found a rifle and pistol were found inside the home, where the couple’s 10-year-old daughter was left alone, resulting in the charges, District Attorney Sandra Doorley said. 

The mayor said she and her husband have been estranged for a long time but her tenure as mayor has been plagued with controversy.

She was indicted in a campaign finance fraud case in October. Prosecutors allege she broke campaign finance rules during her last reelection campaign, four years ago. The treasurers of her campaign and political action committees were also charged.

She faced calls to resign in the summer of 2020 over the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died after police officers placed a hood over him and pressed him onto the pavement until he stopped breathing. Police officials stayed silent about the death for months afterward until Prude’s family obtained police body-camera footage of the encounter. 

After the drug raid in May, the mayor said that she believed the raid and the investigation were rooted in politics.

Last October, the Democratic mayor was indicted by a grand jury for alleged campaign violations.

After a multi-year investigation into Warren, the district attorney charged the Democrat with two felonies stemming from her 2017 re-election campaign.