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FBI Raids Home Of Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), Proving Again The Democratic Party’s Toxic Corruption

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The Democratic Party is a magnet for foreign manipulation.

Leeland Yee, former California State Senator, was arrested in March of 2015 by the FBI on public corruption and gun trafficking charges when he and his associates tried to buy firearms from Islamic extremists in the Philippines. In 2014, Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell knowingly accepted campaign donations raised by Christine Fang, an accused Chinese agent. The two may have slept with each other, but Swalwell refuses to say whether they did or didn’t.

Now, just yesterday, the home of Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) was raided by the FBI as part of an investigation into links between Azerbaijan and American businessmen.

This is bad news. Azerbaijan is well-known for bribing diplomats and officials from Western countries into legitimizing their rigged elections. In fact, their corruption is so bad that the 2021 Best Countries rankings listed Azerbaijan as the 10th most corrupt country in the world.

The FBI has remained silent. So far, they’ve only said it’s part of an ongoing investigation, but inside sources have confirmed that it relates to an investigation into Azerbaijan’s misconduct. And investigate, they did: bins, bags and boxes were removed from Cuellar’s Laredo residence, as well as a computer. Agents were seen documenting and photographing the evidence they collected.

While the Congressman is active on Twitter, he hasn’t yet made a public statement on the social media platform regarding the raid of his home. According to various news outlets, Cuellar’s office released a statement assuring the public that he will be cooperating fully with the FBI’s investigation, although this statement isn’t found on his congressional website or any of the office’s social media accounts.

Why Cuellar? An easy guess is that, as a member of the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus who also sits on the House Appropriations Committee, he’d be central to any investigation involving Azerbaijani bribes of American officials. With the Democratic Party’s record of flirting with foreign agents, the abuse of his position in the Appropriations Committee to secure funding or favors for Azerbaijan’s mobster government isn’t out of the question.

What if this is a political hit from within Cuellar’s own party? The congressman is a self-described centrist Democrat who voices opposition against Biden’s handling of the border crisis. He sided with President Trump and the Republican Party to pass border security legislation, and to further anger his own party, he alone voted against the pro-abortion Women’s Health Protection Act in 2021.

All of a sudden, roughly a month away from his district’s primary election on March 1st in which he is challenged by the far-left, Marxist-backed Jessica Cisneros, his home is raided by the FBI and his name is tarnished across the nation’s papers. This will hurt his reelection bid — which is exactly what Biden and friends would want. In anything Biden could remotely be associated with, suspicions are natural:

Of course, the Left is nothing but happy.

Indeed, the Democratic Party is a magnet for foreign manipulation, but with Biden at the helm of the party and country, the manipulation comes from within.


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