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Florida Attorney General Vows To Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

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Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, a Republican, is hitting back at President Joe Biden and his vaccine mandates.

On Thursday he said that the vaccine mandates will “not be tolerated” and that he will take on Biden alongside Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Breitbart News reported.

Gov. DeSantis, flanked by Attorney General Moody, Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, and others, in Clearwater, Florida, announced his call for a special session to legislate protections for Floridians against vaccine mandates imposed by localities, businesses, and the federal government.

Moody spoke after the governor, announcing that the state has taken legal action in Orange County, specifically, to “stand up for those first responders” affected by the mandates.

“You know right as we speak, there are folks across this nation and in Florida that are being forced to upload papers to a database to show that they have been vaccinated,” the attorney general said.

“Think about it. We are in the United States of America, the free states of America, and we have folks having to upload documentation into databases because of the mandates of this federal government. It will not be tolerated in Florida or accepted,” she said

She warned that she and the governor would “push back against these unlawful and unwise mandates” in “every way possible.”

She said that first responders are being made to resign “when nationwide we are seeing unprecedented vacancies in the ranks of our law enforcement and first responders.”

“That is dangerous, absent-minded, and I cannot believe a leader of the free country like the United States of America would ever get behind anything like that,” she said. “No president of the United States in history has mandated a federal vaccine on its people ever.”

“And so we will continue to push back in court,” she said.

On Friday Gov. DeSantis announced that he had called the legislature back for a special session to address the vaccine mandates and protect Florida workers.

“Were to announce we need to take action to protect Florida jobs,” he said at a press conference.

“We have a situation now unfortunately in our country where we have a federal government that is very much trying to use the heavy hand of government to force a lot of these injections,” he said,

He said that a person’s “right to earn a living should not be contingent upon COVID shots.”

The governor said that the Biden’s administration’s coming OSHA rule would place people’s employment in jeopardy.

“There are also mandates that potentially could have devastating effects on the state of Florida. One is a federal contractor mandate” which is “putting thousands and thousands of jobs in jeopardy,” he said.

He argued that companies “are in a situation where if they don’t comply, then they would lose out on getting any contracts which is the basic way they do businesses, and so it’s a really really bad situation.”

“So the attorney general and I, we are working now, we want to contest that contractor mandate in court as well,” he said, adding that his administration will also contest the mandate imposed on hospitals through CMS, where they lose Medicaid and Medicare funding if they fail to comply.,” the governor said.

“Well, none of these healthcare providers would be able to function, particularly in a state like Florida where most of their patients are on Medicare, so we think that’s illegal, that’s wrong, and we’re going to be doing that as well,” he said.

“So what we’re going to be doing in addition to mounting aggressive legal challenge to federal mandates, we’re also going to be taking legislative action to add protection to the people of the state of Florida, and that’s something that cannot wait until the regular legislative session next year,” the governor said.

“We will be calling the legislature back for a special session,” he said. “We want to make sure that individuals in Florida have their livelihoods and their jobs protected and I think this is something — when we were doing the last legislative session, it would have never occurred to me that we would be in the situation that we are with some of the insanity that’s reigning down right now.”

“We took very strong action against things like vaccine passports. That was the right decision to do because we don’t want people to have their freedom circumscribed based on showing papers, and we really nipped that whole issue in the bud here in Florida,” he said.

But, he said, Floridians need protections against the new mandates that threaten their jobs.


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