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Fox’s Will Cain Calls For Firing Of ‘Out Of Control’ And ‘Power Drunk’ Fauci

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Fox News host Will Cain called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired on Monday, saying he’s “out of control” and “power drunk.”

During a segment on Fox & Friends, Cain, Carley Shimkus, and Lawrence Jones discussed Fauci and all of the “advice” he has given the past two years about the pandemic.

Cain said Fauci needed to be fired after he suggested the United States should consider a vaccine requirement for domestic flights and that people should continue to wear masks on airplanes forever.

“So you have this sweeping vaccine mandate taking effect in New York City. Also on the Sunday shows, Dr. Fauci [said] he thinks that on flights people will be masked up forever. And also signaled his support for vaccine mandates in order to fly. No,” Shimkus began.

“This is a massive overreach and it starts small with things that seemingly make sense like 15 days to slow the spread. You have to mask up during the height of the pandemic and now children are being forced to get vaccinated. You have vaccine mandates for small businesses and possibly a vaccine mandate in order to fly. It is outrageous,” she added. “Because of the administration that we have, expect to see more mandates coming down the road.”

Jones then jumped in and echoed a similar point.

“It defies the science though,” Jones replied. “That’s the point we are missing on the airlines. But Will, Dr. Fauci told on himself. He said the reason why he wants this to continue on the airlines is that it’s going to squeeze people to get the vaccination. That’s the real objective is control, not science.”

Cain then called on Fauci to be fired.

“You know, Dr. Anthony Fauci needs to be fired,” Cain replied. “He is simply out of control. He is power drunk. And I would ask any journalist who has access to Dr. Anthony Fauci: find the limits of his own power. Ask him, ask him the limit of his own power. See if you can find the point at which he would go, ‘No, that’s too much. We would never do that.’”

“I will guarantee you can you push the limit as far as can you find and it his answer will be well, ‘We will have to see what the data says at the moment,’” Cain continued. “We are not governed by data. Data that doesn’t support his power-drunk perspective. Data that shows omicron is overwhelmingly mild. But his power is limited by the foundational documents of this country. He is not empowered to tell us to get vaccinated to fly. He thinks so. And I would challenge you, find the limits. Ask him. See what he thinks the limits of his power might be.”

“We are telling American citizens that either you can provide — either you get the vaccine or you can’t provide for your family,” Jones said. “I just think that’s a slippery slope, Will. That is the slope.”

“Yeah, it is the slope,” Shimkus agreed, and Cain added, “We are sliding down it quickly.”


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