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Harris Laughs When Asked About Americans Stranded in Afghanistan

Vice President Kamala Harris is infamous for her laughter, which seems to happen at the most inopportune times.

Her ability to find levity in the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and the ongoing crisis created by the Biden administration’s widely-criticized stumbles over the situation may not serve to lighten the mood and instead of anger those already disappointed with Joe Biden to stiffen their resolve in wanting him to be a one-term president with Harris out alongside him.

Harris’ poor showing began with her trip to Asia, which – as Conservative Brief reported on Saturday – has been greatly overshadowed by the situation in Afghanistan. Asked by a reporter for her thoughts on Americans trapped in Afghanistan, Harris gave her signature laugh at the crowd of reporters who were clamoring to ask her questions about the situation.

“Slow down, everybody,” said Harris, apparently responding to the group of reporters present at Changi Airport in Singapore.

After briefly laughing, Harris managed to regain her composure to state her views on the situation in Afghanistan.

“We couldn’t have a higher priority right now,” she said. “And in particular our priority is making sure we safely evacuate American citizens, Afghans who worked with us, Afghans at risk including women and children, and that is one of our highest – if not the highest priority right now.”

Harris’ laughter, which came at an inopportune time, prompted criticism toward the Vice President on social media, where her critics slammed her for not taking the issue seriously.

Harris landed in Singapore on Sunday to begin her Southeast Asian trip, which also includes a stop in Vietnam.

The Vice President is expected to communicate America’s views regarding China’s growing power and influence in the region and reiterate its position as a key trading partner and ally to countries it neglected during Trump’s term in office.

Harris is expected to discuss the Chinese communist regime’s efforts to take control of the South China Sea, encroaching upon its Asian neighbors’ territorial waters.

Her plans following the trip were not immediately disclosed, but she is expected to partake in a bilateral meeting with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and speak on the phone with Singaporean President Halimah Yacob during her visit.

Fox News reports that she is also expected to visit a US combat ship currently docked in Singapore and meet with the sailors.

On Tuesday, the Vice President will deliver another address from Singapore to discuss America’s plans for engagement in Southeast Asia. Harris’ high-profile visit is also expected to include a meeting with regional business leaders on supply chain issues.

Following her visit to Singapore, Harris will board a flight to Vietnam, the first time a Vice President has visited the country since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

The trip has proven awkward for the Biden administration, which is currently grappling with the fallout from the Afghanistan withdrawal, drawing comparisons to America’s pullout of Vietnam over four decades ago.

Harris previously took flak from Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw who called out the Vice President for laughing after a reporter asked if she had plans to visit the border amid the surge in illegal immigrants on the US southern border way back in June.

As detailed in the Los Angeles Times in July, Harris’ laugh served, in the authors’ opinion, as a “sound check for a divided country.”

“While many people just hear levity in her laugh, those on the right react with heckles and attacks, a difference that says as much about the divisive, personally vicious state of politics as any debates over policies,” wrote the LA Times’ Noah Bierman.

While liberals may be keener on hearing Harris’ laugh, much of the country has found unity in Biden’s mishandling of the disastrous withdrawal of US military forces from Afghanistan, which might convince those sympathetic to Harris to rethink their position on her running laugh track.


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