You are currently viewing Hollywood Star Susan Sarandon Slammed After Calling NYPD Cops At Funeral Fascists And Not Needed

Hollywood Star Susan Sarandon Slammed After Calling NYPD Cops At Funeral Fascists And Not Needed

Hollywood star and seething liberal Susan Sarandon caused shock via web-based media after she looked at lamenting cops at a NYPD memorial service to extremists. The Oscar winning entertainer hared a post that said:

“I will let my children know this is what extremism resembles. All in all, in the event that this multitude of police weren’t required for CRIME that day, doesn’t that mean they aren’t required ANY day?”

Web-based media clients let her have it: “So absolutely hostile in SO numerous ways. If it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and NEVER call 911-EVER. My child (LA County Deputy) turned into a cop following his dad’s strides – who was killed in the line of DUTY.
“You are nauseating!! We really want cops, we totally DON’T require useless entertainers/entertainers like you! So pitiful to slight the fallen officials and their families. You ought to be next on the “drop culture” list.

“Individuals who say “cops don’t forestall wrongdoing” need to be probably the most guileless individuals ever.

“Each and every city that has undermined their police has seen a sharp ascent in practically all wrongdoings. In the event that you don’t feel that is connected you are in a real sense simply inept.

“Truly, what’s going on with you? Do you know the horrible that is NYC at this moment? New Yorkers are alarmed by the flood of wrongdoing, all due to individuals like you thinking abrogating the police is would tackle anything.

“It [is] the rationale of a three-year-old.

“‘I propose she performs the responsibilities of a cop for a year and afterward how about we perceive how extremist she thinks they are. Cops safeguard small kids, salvage those in trouble and defenseless all over the place. Everything she does it talk professionally.”

She’s not by any means the only entertainer in steaming hot water over remarks made with regards to the police.

From The Daily Mail:

New York City entertainer Jacqueline Guzman was given up from one Face to another Films theater organization subsequent to yelling about road terminations during Rivera’s burial service.

In a now-erased TikTok, Guzman dish over road traffic, showing squad cars and ambulances hindering roads.

‘We don’t have to close down the majority of Lower Manhattan since one cop kicked the bucket for most likely going about his business mistakenly,’ she says in the video.

‘They kill individuals who are under 22 each and every day out of the blue and we don’t close down the city for them, so.’

Her own organization put out an announcement, calling Guzman’s video ‘uncaring’ and that it doesn’t ‘overlook’ her ‘remarks made with regards to fallen Officer Rivera.’


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