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Huge Fall-Off in Hispanic Support Driving Close Newsom Recall Election

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Democrats are reportedly “stunned” by the growing support for removing Gov. Gavin Newsom by recall election, but the demographic driving that support is the real story.

According to recent polling, left-wing political groups are shocked and shaken because Newsom is a lot closer to losing his recall than he should be in the deep blue state — and what’s more, he’s close to losing to a Republican candidate, columnist and pundit Larry Elder.

We know this not just because of the polling but because the California media power centers are coming to Newsom’s aid.

For instance, Los Angeles Times editors actually allowed an op-ed to run on Friday, “Larry Elder is the Black Face of White Supremacy. You’ve Been Warned.”

Actually, that warning is for Democrats; they see Elder doing very well in the polling, so they are bringing out their role-players and attack dogs to go after him personally because they can’t refute his policies and his facts.

Another case in point that Democrats fear defeat: Newsom is drawing assistance from heavy hitters in Washington, D.C., including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

The Blaze adds:

Their emotions were relayed in a conference call where liberal leaders begged for help from out-of-state organizations to shore up the effort to defeat the recall.

The lead speaker on the call cited a “horrifying” poll showing that Newsom was within the margin error from losing the election.

“We need your help now,” said the unidentified speaker on the conference call.

Uh-oh. Panic in the air. But here’s the kicker: This uptick in support for recalling Newsom is coming largely from Latinos in a state the current governor and ruling Dems turned into an illegal alien sanctuary.

“Democrats are afraid that support for Newsom is eroding among California’s largest demographic group, Latinos. Although Newsom was able to garner the support of two-thirds of Latinos in his 2018 gubernatorial campaign, recent polling says many are turning against him,” The Blaze continued.

“A CBS News poll found that 50% of Latinos supported the recall campaign against Newsom, while a separate Berkeley IGS Poll found 40% of Latinos supported it in July.”

Not good if you’re a California Democrat dependant upon the Hispanic and Latino votes; they are a larger demographic in the state than whites — some 15.57 million Hispanics compared to 14.4 million whites according to 2019 figures.

Why is Hispanic support peeling away from Newsom? One analyst believes it’s because of the way they faced ‘disproportionate’ risks during the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’ve been working their asses off on the frontlines from farmworkers, to the cashier at the supermarket, while white people got the vaccine first and were able to stay home,” said Michael Trujillo, a Los Angeles-based Democratic strategist.

“You want to talk about two different Californias, we felt it,” he told Newsweek.

Absentee ballots have already been sent to every registered voter in the state, but the actual recall election is Sept. 14.

The last time a California governor was recalled was when Democrat Gray Davis lost to Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003 over a massive budget deficit and his mishandling of the state’s electricity issues following serial rolling brownouts.


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