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Kamala Harris’ Communications Director Donated To Republican Presidential Candidate

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Vice President Kamala Harris’ new communications director has been scrutinized by members of his own party since he was hired for the job.

But new information shows that not only has he said things that are not in line with his boss and his party, he donated to the presidential campaign of a Republican, Fox News reported.

Simmons made a donation to a presidential candidate in June 2015, sending a $250 contribution to the campaign of Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Paul, from Kentucky, was first elected to the Senate in 2010. He launched his presidential campaign in 2015 but dropped out of the race after a disappointing finish in the Iowa caucuses in February 2016. Donald Trump won the GOP nomination later that year and was elected president. Paul was re-elected to the Senate in 2016.

Aside from the Paul donation, Simmons has donated to only Democrats – in similar dollar amounts – including to Harris when she was running for the U.S. Senate in California in 2015.

He was hired to the job after Ashley Etienne left the job in December, but his tweets from more than a decade ago has had him attacked from Democrats.

“Just saw 2 undocumented folks talking on MSNBC. One Law student the other a protester. Can someone explain why ICE is not picking them up?” he said in one of the tweets from 2010, Fox News reported.

“I’ll try this again: Just saw 2 undocumented folks talking on MSNBC and have a serious legal question. Why wouldn’t ICE pick them up?” he said in another tweet.

Now the fact is he made a fantastic point and protecting the border, in 2010, was not as controversial of an issue. The majority of Democrats agreed that it was important for a nation to have a secure border.

But this is 2022 and protecting the sovereignty of the Untied States is now inexplicably seen as racism or something.

And that is why Simmons had to apologize, which he did by sending an email to Politico Alex Thompson.

“As a pundit for much of my career I have tweeted a lot and spoken out on public issues. Sometimes I have been sarcastic, unclear, or just plainly missed the mark. I sincerely apologize for offending those who care as much as I do about making America the best, multi-ethnic, diverse democracy it can be. I know the role I am taking on is to represent the Biden-Harris administration, and I will do so with humility, sincerity and respect,” he said.

“For the record, I’ve never advocated for, nor believed that Dreamers should be targeted by ICE agents. I’ve been for DACA + comprehensive immigration reform for years. Frankly, it’s depressing ppl can forget about every other thing I’ve said in public on this bc of bad tweets,” he said in a tweet.

But guess what happens when you start apologizing to the bullies?

If you guessed, it is not good enough and they demand more pat yourself on the back. You are correct.

And so, the Internet detectives have found more tweets they dislike and are demanding answers for them as well.

It is kind of like a baptism by fire where the person has to cleanse themselves of anything they have ever said or done that does not conform to wokeness.

“Intent / motive matter. #GWBush let CIA water board ppl and even tho we didn’t like it and may have been illegal he was not impeached bc he was doing it to protect the nation. If Bush waterboarded ppl to get someone to buy his TX ranch that would be different. #Trumpimpeachment, he said in 2020.

“Went to a settlement outside Tel Aviv. Amazing how mixed in Jewish and Arab towns are,” he said in 2009.

In a tweet from 2020 he questioned the COVID vaccines, which were then OK to question because they were being touted by President Donald Trump.

“Trump’s fatally ill-managed Coronavirus response seems to have turned voters off to him the way Katrina destroyed Bush’s political reputation, but pushing a janky science vaccine into the public for political purposes would turn incompetent culpability into intentional harm,” he said.

And during the 2020 primary he said that Joe Biden should not get too comfortable with assuming he had the black vote.

“I think #JoeBiden’s heart is in the right place but I just heard the perfect summation of his position,” he said. “’Black ppl are happy to have Biden at the cookout but he should remember he didn’t get the original invitation on his own. He was a plus one.’ Don’t get too comfortable.”

He even commented on Harris’ presidential campaign.

“Prior to the debate I had been having bad feelings about the Harris campaign,” he said. “It seemed listless, unfocused. These lackluster fundraising totals are not a surprise. I’m curious to see how this changes over the summer, now that Kamala’s poll numbers have increased and Biden seems more like a winged bird than the inevitable nominee.”


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