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Pelosi Rages While Spreading Falsehoods, Claims GOP Wants to ‘Suppress’ Black Voters, ‘Nullify’ Elections

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not afraid to say outrageous things to score cheap political points.

And she made that clear again this week when she accused Republicans of wanting to “suppress” African-Americans from being able to vote.

While speaking to reporters, Pelosi also falsely claimed that Republicans want to “nullify” elections because states have passed voter integrity bills.

“Now, even with the election in 2020, we see even more need because of the actions taken during the election in 2020 and since. And all the more need, not just for H.R. 4, but for H.R. 1, now S. 1 in the Senate,” Pelosi began.

“The suppression of the vote is — is — not only the suppression of the vote but nullification of elections that they are putting forth, there are probably 20 bills that had become law that had been enacted, hundreds that had been introduced to suppress the vote. Why?” she exclaimed.

“And you just have to wonder why would they not want to make it easier for people to vote? Just because they want to suppress the vote among people of color, they are also suppressing the vote for everyone else by their, again, suppression of the number of polling places, hours that are there, the list goes on and on. So we’re very optimistic about what we said, we, the people, it has to be the people doing this, and over time, over time there are efforts to expand freedom and now the Republicans want to contract freedom,” she continued, still spreading lies about Republicans.

“But as we celebrate, we have to protect the vote, not only in terms of ending suppression but ending nullification. Martin Luther King, Reverend King, he talked about nullification in his ‘I Have a Dream Speech.’ So this is something that had been there in the Jim Crow world that they want to resurrect,” she continued.


Pelosi added: “So, again, I salute Terry Sewell, I salute all who have worked onto the legislation, Steve Cohen whose committee who put forth the — subcommittee put forth the legislation last week. The list goes on. While we were presenting our press conference on it yesterday, we had the honor of the presence of the legislators from Texas there who are seeing firsthand the brutal attempts to suppress the vote in their state.”

“We were honored by their presence, inspired by their courage, and determined to get this to become the law of the land. I talked about how proud I was of my caucus and their commitment to America’s working families, and I just want to talk about what — where we go next,” she concluded.


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