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Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Brad Raffensperger Standing In The Way Of Audit

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Some Republicans have been clamoring for audits of the 2020 presidential election since the election took place, but other Republicans have stood firmly against them.

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said that the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is one of those Republicans standing in the way.

The congresswoman was interviewed by John Hines on One America News Network to talk about the fight for an audit in Georgia that she said is being blocked by the state’s top Republicans.

“I know obviously, you represent northwest Georgia. And I think that you’ve been following this issue what seems to be happening with regard to the potential for an audit of some of these ballots in various counties in your state of Georgia?” Hines said.

“Well, there’s been many people, really brave people, hard working people here in Georgia, that have just continued to seek audits. Fulton County is one of them. We’re still waiting on a court ruling there to go forward for the Fulton County audit. They’re also uncovering information in Dekalb County about a chain of custody, having to do with absentee ballots. But you’re seeing people work all over our state trying to audit the election because people here in Georgia continue to believe that there was election fraud on November 3rd, 2020. And they’re very unsatisfied with the results of it and they’re upset and angered at our state leaders, our Republican state leaders that refuse to audit the elections,” Greene said.

Is it your sense that there is momentum gathering in your state for taking a more serious look at this election through these audits?” the host said.

“Yes, because these people haven’t slowed down and they shouldn’t. You know they shouldn’t slow down. That’s the reason why we have so many problems today in our in our country is there’s not enough accountability in government, and I believe in accountability, I believe in transparency. So I really hope that they continue to keep pushing. Of course being elected on the federal level, I’m unable to help them on the state level other than support them and what they’re doing. So that’s why I continue to say that I support them and really hope that they keep working for this because it’s going to be very important. And The House just last week, The House passed the federalization of elections bill,” the congresswoman said.

“The John R Lewis, HR 4 Bill, I guess right?” Hines said.

“That’s right and that will severely, severely take away election integrity and take away rights from the states running their elections,” Greene said.

“And is it your sense that that, where is the opposition coming to some of these audits? Where is the opposition coming from in opposition to these audits? What seems to be the roadblocks in the way of proceeding down that path as so many of your constituents seem to be desiring?” Hines responded.

“Well, the biggest roadblock is our Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and that is why the Republicans and Georgia will not support him and his reelection bid. That has been loud and clear, since he has completely defied everyone’s request. He continues to say that there was nothing wrong with the election, even though he is even looking at taking over Fulton County away from the board of electors there in Fulton County. So while he knows that severe problems exist and it’s even on video. These people rescanning stacks of ballots, over and over. It’s on video it’s like how can you deny that nothing went wrong? So Brad Raffensperger, our secretary of state number one and his staff, his staff is also a big problem, because they continue to stand in that camp. Number two, our state legislators didn’t do anything about it. They didn’t, they didn’t call for a complete audit. We did get a recount, we got a recount in Georgia, but that was just looking at the ballots and rescanning them into the same machines. We need a full audit, we need a forensic audit and I support everyone that’s asking for it. So I would love to see our Governor Brian Kemp get on board. I would love to see our Republican state legislators get on board, and I would hope that Brad Raffensperger would find some integrity and backbone and get on board with actually serving the people that elected him,” Greene replied.

“Sounds like you’re not the only one or you’re there is a gathering momentum as you said, of people who agree with you, Congresswoman,” the host said.

“I want to say, please continue to vote, that’s the other problem. Some people are so upset, they’re saying they don’t want to vote in 2022. We cannot go down that road that’s just handing over seats to Democrats, so I say both. Fix the problem, and vote. It has to be done. It’s the only way to move forward,” the congresswoman said.