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Trump Family Member Steps Forward, Says Trump Will Run for Office in 2024

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Mary Trump, former President Donald Trump’s niece, says that Trump intends to run for president in 2024.

In an interview with Business Insider, Trump’s estranged niece, who has stood at odds with the rest of the Trump clan, took the opportunity to take shots at her cousins, Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr., whom she said lacked the “charisma” to launch political careers of their own and create a political dynasty as Trump himself might intend.

Mary Trump spoke to the publication to promote a new book about how Trump had caused “trauma” to the country and how it’s still “finding a way to heal.” Mary, who’s been a darling of the liberal media and a regular fixture on shows hostile to the former president, said that all signs now point to how her uncle will run for office again.

“If you’d asked me if he’d run again in December, I would have said definitely not because he had just been humiliated and wouldn’t put himself in that position again,” she said. “But things have changed.”

She told the publication that she changed her assessment due to her uncle’s recent behavior, which she says is indicative of someone who is trying to rehabilitate his reputation in time for a presidential race. Always a critic of Trump, Mary insists that Trump is “still spreading his Big Lie” about the election results and that he’s now spreading a “second big lie” about how the unrest at Capitol Hill “wasn’t a big deal.”

Mary Trump, an avowed Democrat and Biden supporter, said that the “most troubling” sign that her uncle intended to run for president in 2024 was “hundreds of voter suppression bills” making their way through state legislatures in response to public concerns about election integrity. “Voter suppression bill” is a term progressives opposed to election integrity legislation use to refer to those bills, which they claim disproportionately affects minorities.

As of June 21, at least 17 states have enacted 28 new election integrity laws, and 61 with more voting provisions are making their way through 18 state legislatures, according to the Brennan Center for Justice.

“If the Republicans in any given state can make it harder or impossible for certain kinds of people to vote, like people of color or college students, then Donald might realize that if he ran again, he couldn’t lose because the system would have been rigged to favor him,” Mary Trump said, adding that she did not think her uncle would participate in any race he didn’t think he was able to win.

“He’s a coward and he’ll never engage in a fair fight. He’ll only engage if he’s convinced that through cheating, lying, and stealing that he can win,” said Mary Trump without substantiating her remarks.

Since 2016, some Democrats – including Hillary Clinton – have maintained, without evidence, that Trump’s win in the election was fraught with irregularities and interference from the Russians.

Mary Trump, who fell out of favor with the Trump family, told the publication that “legal jeopardy” in New York City, particularly the criminal investigation into his business, could simultaneously incentivize and hamper his ability to run for office.

“Remember, he’s 75, not in good health, and there are the criminal investigations into him,” she said. “Hopefully, something will interfere with his ability to run but, if all things are equal, he will.”

She told the publication that it was unlikely any of Trump’s children – Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. – would run for office at any time because she believes they lack the charisma he possesses.

In a rare moment of clarity, Mary admitted that Donald “does have a kind of charisma that appeals, apparently, to … people in this country.”

“There’s nobody else on the right who has that charisma,” she added, noting that his children lacked what he possessed.


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