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Trump Hints At 2024 Run While Slamming Biden: ‘I’ve Won It Twice And Now I Have To Win It Again’

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Donald Trump went scorched earth on Tuesday slamming Joe Biden, saying he “surrendered Afghanistan to the terrorists.”

During an interview on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe” podcast to talk about Afghanistan, Trump also implied that he intends to run for president again while speaking with Fox News personality Lisa Boothe.

Trump said he’s still deciding on another presidential run, but he teased that his mind may already be made up.

“We won [the election] twice. I’ve won it twice and now I have to win it again. I guess if we’re going to save the country,” Trump said.

“I’ll make a decision,” Trump added.

“It won’t be maybe for a little while. You know, a lot of people would like to see a decision immediately,” he said. “But perhaps there’s also a big group, including maybe myself, that would like to see it after the midterms.”

Trump certainly seemed to imply he at least wants to run again in 2024.

The 45th President went on to slam Biden for the crisis in Afghanistan.

“Nobody’s ever seen embarrassment like this. Between the border and Afghanistan … I guess Afghanistan blows everything away. There’s never been anything like that. Such stupidity and incompetence,” Trump said.

“We had [Afghanistan] so under control like you wouldn’t believe. I dealt with a — I dealt with the Taliban at the highest level,” Trump told Boothe. “The military would have come out last, not first. That was the big mistake — they took the military and they left 35,000 or 45,000 people, plus a lot of others right in harm’s way … This was a horrible miscarriage.”

“You took the military out and you just laid this to potential slaughter. I mean, Jimmy Carter had a few, very small number of hostages [in Iran] … [Biden] has potentially 45,000 American hostages. Nobody’s ever seen anything like this,” Trump said of Americans trapped in Afghanistan.

In a statement on Tuesday, Trump savaged Biden for his inability to get a grasp of the situation, which is swiftly unfolding as the evacuation effort continues. 

“Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the terrorists and left thousands of Americans for dead by pulling out the Military before our citizens,” stated Trump in the damning statement. 

“Now we are learning that out of the 26,000 people who have been evacuated, only 4,000 are Americans,” added Trump. “You can be sure the Taliban, who are now in complete control, didn’t allow the best and brightest to board these evacuation flights.”

“Instead, we can only imagine how many thousands of terrorists have been airlifted out of  Afghanistan and into neighborhoods around the world,” he continued. “What a terrible failure. NO VETTING. How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to America? We don’t know!”

Trump’s remarks come amid reports that the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department is admitting an untold number of unvetted Afghan refugees into the United States. 

As detailed by the Department of Defense on social media, Major General Hank Taylor said that “Intelligence, law enforcement, and counterterrorism professionals are conducting screening and security vetting for all SIV applicants and other vulnerable Afghans before they are allowed into the U.S.”

However, he did not say that the vetting would be completed before the migrants are allowed to step on American soil.