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Twitter Bans Iran Supreme Leader Linked Account Over Trump Assassination Video

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Twitter permanently banned an account linked to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei yesterday after it shared a Trump assassination video. The shocking video shows a robot and drone attempting to carry out a strike against former President Donald Trump at Mar a Lago.

BBC reporter Kian Sharifi said: “Twitter has permanently banned @KhameneiSite for violating our ban evasion policy a Twitter spokesperson told BBC Monitoring today. The ban comes after the account tweeted an animation targeting Trump for killing Soleimani.

“The website of Iran’s SL Khamenei has chosen this animation as the best entry in a competition to mark the second anniversary of Soleimani’s killing. Published on, the video shows Trump being targeted by a robot and a drone while playing golf in Florida.

“Towards the end, the shadow of a drone appears above Trump in an apparent reference to a poster released by Khamenei’s website last year that eventually got @Khamenei_Site permanently banned.

“So much going on here but my favorite part is that the operator in the control room guiding the robot has Steam open.

“Took a break from gaming to send a robot through shrubbery & grass on a golf course in Palm Beach. I can also see Audacity open there. What audio is he editing?

From The Daily Mail:

The clip called ‘Revenge is definite’ was posted on the Khamenei site and depicted Trump playing at his golf course in Mar-a-Lago, Florida with four other men.

The drone operator wearing military camouflage is then seen typing into a computer ready to launch the attack on Trump.

The operator then manages to hack into Trump and one of the other associate’s phones with a message reading ‘Soleimani’s murderer and the one who gave the order will pay the price.’

The drone then flies over towards Trump and encapsulates him in a green box as he reads the message on his phone.

The word ‘READY’ is then seen flashing in red before it prepares to strike Trump.


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