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Voters Deal Rebuke To Biden In Harvard Poll: Trump Is More Popular Than Biden And Pence Beats Harris By 10 Points

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President Joe Biden just got some terrible news from a new Harvard poll while former President Donald Trump will be ecstatic with the same poll. Because the poll found Trump is more popular with registered voters than President Joe Biden. This bad news for Biden comes from a new Harvard CAPS/Harris poll.

“Forty-eight percent of respondents say they have a positive view of Trump compared to 46 percent who say they have a favorable opinion of his successor,” according to the poll.

 In even worse news for Joe Biden, 51 percent of people who responded to the poll believe Trump was “a better president than Biden.”

“The mounting issues on all fronts have led to the surprise conclusion that Trump is now seen as good a president as Biden, suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced now with buyer’s remorse,” Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, said. 

“Since Trump lost the popular vote by 5 points, Trump getting 51 percent as a better president is actually an improvement from Election Day,” he added.

This is a stunning shift in favorability for Biden who had seen pretty steady numbers. If these numbers stay close to this the Dems are doomed in the midterms and probably the presidential race in 2024.

“People see Pence as a better VP by 10 points and overwhelmingly see Pompeo as far better than Blinken, who has been out front on Afghanistan,” Penn added.

From The Hill:

The latest Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey also shows Biden’s overall approval rating under water for the first time since he took office. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed say they approve of the job he’s doing in the White House, while 50 percent disapprove. 

That follows on the heels of a July Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey that showed his approval rating sinking to 52 percent from 62 percent in June.

In a sign that the debacle in Afghanistan may be the biggest factor influencing views of his presidency, Biden saw his biggest drops in approval on his handling of foreign affairs and his administration’s efforts to combat terrorism. In both matters, his approval dropped 13 points since July.

Other members of Biden’s administration aren’t faring any better than Biden in the public eye, according to the poll. 

Fifty-five percent of those surveyed say that Mike Pence was a better vice president than his successor, current Vice President Harris. Secretary of State Antony Blinken performs even worse, with 63 percent of respondents saying that his predecessor, Mike Pompeo, was the better secretary of State.


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